About ICCST/10

Following the very successful past issues of the International Conference on Composite Science and Technology, which started in 1996 at Durban, South Africa, ICCST/10 will take place in Lisboa, Portugal.

The objective of ICCST/10 is to bring together composites scientists, engineers and technologists to exchange ideas, to discuss the latest developments in composites and to present their work to the international composites community.

The organizers of ICCST/10 are very pleased to dedicate this Conference in Honour of Professors J.N. Reddy and Carlos Alberto Mota Soares on their 70th Birthday and for their lasting contributions and impact to Research and Education in Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures and Computational Mechanics.

In addition to the conference proceedings, special issues of the journals Applied Composite Materials (dedicated to Professor J.N. Reddy), Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures (dedicated to Professor Carlos A. Mota Soares) and International Journal of Automotive Composites will be edited after the conference with selected extended papers. These papers will be subject to the full refereeing procedures of the journals. More information will be available in due time.

Prospective authors are invited to submit abstracts on topics related, but not limited, to the following:

  • Applications of Composites
  • Automotive Composites
  • Ceramic and Metal-matrix composites
  • Composite Manufacturing
  • Damage, Fatigue and Fracture
  • Green and Bio-Composites
  • Hybrid Composites
  • Impact and Dynamic Response
  • Mechanics of Composites
  • Multiscale Modeling
  • Nanocomposites
  • NDE and Structural Health Monitoring
  • Repair and Self-Healing
  • Smart Materials and Structures
  • Textile Composites

The conference official language is English.