About SMART2015

The ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Smart Structures and Materials SMART2015 is the seventh in a series which started in 2003 and has progressed successfully over the years. Past conference venues were located in Poland, Portugal, Germany and Italy.

SMART2015 will aim at providing a comprehensive forum for discussing current state of the art in the field as well as generating inspiration for future ideas specifically on a multidisciplinary level. The scope of the Conference includes topics related to the following areas :

  • Fundamentals of smart materials and structures

  • Modeling/formulation and characterization of smart actuators, sensors and smart material systems

  • Trends and development in diverse areas such as material science including composite materials, intelligent hydrogels, interfacial phenomena, phase boundaries and boundary layers of phase boundaries, control, micro- and nano-systems, electronics, etc. to be considered for smart systems

  • Comparative evaluation of different smart actuators and sensors

  • Analysis of structural concepts and designs in terms of their adaptability to smart technologies

  • Design and development of smart structures and systems

  • Biomimetic phenomena and their inspiration in engineering

  • Fabrication and testing of smart structures and systems

  • Application of smart materials, structures and related technology

  • Smart robots

  • Morphing wings and smart aircraft

  • Artificial muscles and biomedical applications

  • Smart structures in mechatronics

  • Energy harvesting